Em-Press Media connects your message to your audience.

“I learned something really interesting today.”

Your skills and your experience are your brand.

Today’s business & academic environments are about transparency. You need 3 things to communicate your messaging:

  • A simple plan
  • Content
  • Channels

Em-Press will build your Communications plan, create the content, strategize the best channels, and execute on delivery. Or any piece of it. We’re here to help.

Your skills and experience are your brand. But most professionals are too busy doing what they do best to spend time promoting themselves. You need a simple plan and someone who can help you get the word out about what you do. That’s what Em-Press Media does.

Content Creation and eBook Editing

Make the words you write make connections. We all have something to say, whether it’s about our business or about our experiences. But how you say it is the difference between just words on the page and a compelling narrative. Before you publish anything, let Em-Press Media review and refine. You’ll be amazed by how much clearer your words can be. Get a free file assessment!

How We Help You Connect

  • First, let’s chat. Through a free consultation, we can discuss what you need and how we get there.
  • Within a week, I’ll create a Communications Plan specific to your goals and that is immediately executable.
  • Em-Press will manage your social media, elevate your social profile, write news releases, create web content, and help you broadcast your brand.

59% = Less turnover in businesses with higher engaged employees.

Gallup, The Right Culture: Not Just About Employee Satisfaction

147% = The percentage at which companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors.

Aon Hewitt, Employee Engagement: How to Measure What Matters

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