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Your skills and your experience are your brand.

Your skills and experience are your brand. But most professionals are too busy doing what they do best to spend time promoting themselves. You need a simple plan and someone who can help you get the word out about what you do. That’s what Em-Press Media does.

Content Creation, Short Corporate Videos, Media Exposure

We make the words, you’ll make the connections. We all have something to say, whether it’s about our business or about our experiences. But how you say it is the difference between just words on the page and a compelling narrative. At Em-Press Media, we rule at helping you to promote your business to your audiences and also get media exposure to spread your message.

How We Help You Connect

  • Free consultation to discuss what you need and how we get you there.
  • A plan, and then we execute. Whether you need web content, a short corporate video, articles bylined by your subject matter experts, social media, customer outreach, or media placements, Em-Press Media delivers.
  • We’re a family business of communications experts that gets great pleasure out of helping you to broadcast your brand at a rate you can afford.

We work with companies in life sciences, biotechnology, healthcare, data management, technology, retail, and others. video is taking over as the most effective way to share your message. Ask about our rates to create a video for you like the one below that will capture your essence and engage your audience. You’ll be amazed at the quick turnaround and low fee!

Corporate Video for the Life Sciences Industry

Em-Press Media wrote the script, provided the images and music in a two-week turnaround for this company video that Ymmunobio shared at BIO-Europe 2022.

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